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The Contemporary Music Project
P.O. Box?
Oak Park, IL 60304
708 524-8605

Orders and Payments

     CMP is changing its P.O. at the moment, so if you want to palce an order you can pay by PayPal or thru Steve Weiss (see below). More to follow!
     Students, ex-students, ex-wives, and anyone else known to CMP may order by phone (although I do hide from phone salesmen so I may not pick up. Leave a message), and can request to be billed (We trust you). Please include your street address, phone number and e-mail address on all correspondence.
     After extensive (and expensive) research we've concluded that setting up to take credit cards just isn't worth it for a small business like ours. But those of you intent on racking up your credit card bills can purchase our products through
Steve Weiss Music. Just go to his web site and type "Skoog" into the search field.
     Also, our CDs, Metric Imperative and Water and Fire, are available through CD Baby and on iTunes: just type "Don Skoog" in the iTunes search engine

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Price List

Batá Drumming $40 (+$5 S&H)
available exclusively thru CMP

Marimba Works

Attendance to Ritual $20
Art Song $20
Fantasy for L 5 $20
Soca $10
Mozambique $10
Two Slaves $15
Graven Image $10
A Little Jazz $5


Latin-Percussion Handbook, Book 1: Congas $15
Drumming, Book 1 $15
Drumming, Book 2 $15
Drumming, Book 3 $15


Metric Imperative, CD $15
Water and Fire, CD $15
Falling Grace, CD $10
Live at FitzGerald's, CD $10